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Over the years, we have become one of the most cost-effective payroll services to switch to by doing something very unique.  First, we help our clients reduce the confusion and expense of processing their own payroll by educating them on the services they need — not a costly bundle that many payroll service put you in.  Second, and more importantly, we show our clients how to avoid costly payroll compliance/tax issues.  All the key elements that add or subtract profits from every business…including yours.What You Don’t Know About Us Could Just Cost You A Small Fortune. Statistically speaking, there is a good chance your current payroll service could be costing you a ton of money, year in and year out, by missing key payroll related issues — from tax related items to over-paying on certain services.  In fact, our average client saves more than $2,000 a year by working with us.  The good news: We can fix your payroll problems so your payroll costs and internal expenses go down and the value of what you offer your employees goes up.


Make Sure The Payroll Service You Select Meets Our High Standards…Hi, my name is Jay Walia, President ofCBS Payroll.  And if you are like most people I have met over the years, you are probably wondering what makes one payroll service any better or different than the next one.  Well, just like in your industry, there are a select few who are great at what they do, a lot who are pretty much the same and some who are just flat-out below industry standards.  If you have ever worked with a payroll service from the latter group, you know exactly how frustrating and costly it can be to your organization.


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