Are You Frustrated With Your Payroll Service?Man_Frustrated__SMALL_IMAGE_

CBS Payroll does something very unique for businesses that are frustrated with their payroll service…especially organizations that are using one of the BIG national payroll services.   In fact, we have virtually eliminated the 3 biggest frustrations you will have when using ANY PAYROLL SERVICElike:

Frustration #1: HIGH Fees And Excessive Nickel & Dime Charges – We don’t know what is worse, having them charge you for every little request or just not telling you about them.  If you don’t believe us, just check-out your last invoice.

Frustration #2: Lack of Personal Service – This is the biggest issue you’ll experience from the big national companies: impersonal service and lack of knowledge.  That’s why we assign you a dedicated payroll specialist – one who averages 15+ years of industry experience.  We also have scores of payroll experts on staff to make sure you’re submitting the proper paperwork.

Frustration #3: Inconsistent Payroll Processing – Did you know that not double checking your payroll data each pay period is the biggest cause of payroll mistakes?  Even though it costs us more to “Triple Check” your payroll, we do this to ensure that you experience a perfect payroll…each and every pay period.

Over the years, many businesses like yours have found refuge and sanctuary with CBS Payroll.  Why?  Sure, we are more accurate, flexible and less expensive. And should you need to reach someone on our executive team, we will transfer you immediately.  So make the jump today!

Switching_Finger_White_background_Small_ezrOur 3-Step Payroll Data Conversion Process Makes The Switch From Paychex® And ADP® That Much Easier.

  • Step #1 New Client Set-up & Audit – We audit & gather your contact information, demographic data and employees’ data. A process that’s designed to capture the right information from the start.
  • Step #2 We Enter Past Payroll Data & Audit – This critical step is designed to seamlessly enter PAST data and audit the information into our system – a process designed to prevent any errors before they get entered into our “live” system.
  • Step #3 We Enter Current Payroll Data & Audit – After Step 2 is completed, we enter your “audited” payroll data and have it ready for your next payroll.

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